The project log file is corrupt NexusDB:

exception number : 1
exception class : Exception
exception message : The project log file is corrupt NexusDB: : Maximum AutoInc value has been reached [$2603/9731] 009f52b7 fbcoreapi.bpl nxdb 10423 TnxDataset.InternalPostImpl 009f516f fbcoreapi.bpl nxdb 10370 TnxDataset.InternalPost 50693e3d dbrtl140.bpl Db TDataSet.CheckOperation 50693964 dbrtl140.bpl Db TDataSet.Post 009f5a77 fbcoreapi.bpl nxdb 10621 TnxDataset.Post 009f8fcc fbcoreapi.bpl nxdb 12331 TnxIndexDataSet.Post 00c5b656 fbcoreapi.bpl FBLogArchiveDBImpl 1521 TFBLogArchiveDBImpl.Receiver_LogMessage 00c5d336 fbcoreapi.bpl FBLogFileArchiveManager 483 TFBLogArchive.Receiver_LogMessage 00c69f7a fbcoreapi.bpl FBLoggingImpl 170 TFBLogReceiver.LogMessage 00c6a0fa fbcoreapi.bpl FBLoggingImpl 195 TFBLogReceiver.OnMessage 00323c47 VSMessageAPIRun140.bpl VSMessageSubscriber 276 TVSMessageSubScriberThread.DoOnMessage 00323dc8 VSMessageAPIRun140.bpl VSMessageSubscriber 358 TVSMessageSubScriberThread.VSExecute 00322b38 VSMessageAPIRun140.bpl VSMessageUtils 272 TVSMessageThread.Execute 00457eb7 FBCMD.exe madExcept HookedTThreadExecute 00457d99 FBCMD.exe madExcept CallThreadProcSafe 00457e03 FBCMD.exe madExcept ThreadExceptFrame 7588343b kernel32.dll BaseThreadInitThunk.

The log file is corrupt, rename or delete the projectname.fbl7/.fbl8 file and FinalBuilder will create a new one. Note that you are using an old unsupported version of FinalBuilder.