TFS Relative folder with Multiple branches underneath

This may not quite fit a bug, and may be more of a feature request. With my team’s setup we have many branches that are contained under a parent folder in TFS that could be considered as a theoretical branch. basically each project has a main stored in “prod” and then a branch stored in “Team-A”. For a Configuration I’m working on I want to build multiple things from the Team-A directory, and have a repo pointed at that relative folder.

The issue I have is that it’s not getting the latest that I expected. When I queue a build if I use (no branch) it finds the most recent changeset specifically on that relative folder and gets all the other branches version based on that changeset, so you may not have latest of those branches. If you queue the build using a specific branch it then only gets that branch. and none of the others under the relative folder.

Basically I would like it to use no branch as “latest of all subdirectories” as you would see if you view history on that relative folder.

Please let me know if you need more information or if I’m just using it wrong. The only way I can think to fix it as is would be to have a repository for every branch, but the maintenance on that would be far too great for our setup.


Hi @aszuul,

Can you post some of the settings that you using for relative paths and branches, so that we can understand what is happening? We find that when we set the Branches to Monitor to Ignore branches, we get the latest changes from all folders under the relative folder.

So that did change it to show the latest revision overall by default when queuing a build, however when you run the build it still only gets that one branch that revision is from and the rest of the directories under the relative folder are left out.


Previous Branches and Paths tabs:

Updated to Ignore Branches the issue still occurred.
There is no Mapping set on this repo for this configuration.

Additional side effect of setting it to ignore branches is it caused all triggers using that same repo to fire regardless of their mapping or the branch they were supposed to monitor…a lot of accidental builds. That is probably intended behavior, just not something I was expecting to happen.

Hi @aszuul,

With Branches to Monitor set to “All Branches”, each branch is treated separately and only one branch can be built at a time. This is definitely not what you are looking for.

Please try resetting the repository (on the Repositories page in the Administration section) after changing Branches to Monitor set to “Ignore Branches” or, to avoid triggering too many builds, try testing with a new repository first. Providing that the Exclude changesets in a branch option is not ticked, you should then see all the files in all subfolders copied when you run a build.

Continua CI should really be resetting the repository automatically when you change the Branches to Monitor setting - we’ll update that for the next version.