TF.exe and Azure DevOps authentication


We have been using the Team Foundation Create Work, Map working folder etc. to communicate with TFS on-premises server. We have moved some of our code to Azure DevOps (VSTS) and want to utilize the same build scripts, but unfortunately we cannot get these actions to authenticate against Azure DevOps.

All permission are in place in Azure DevOps and we can make it work if we first run tf.exe /login command by itself then a pop up promt appears from Azure DevOps where we input credentials and then afterwards we can create a new workspace etc.

How do we automate this so we can provide a /login parameter or use the built in actions to connect to TFVC projects in Azure DevOps?

Those actions use tf.exe which unfortunately cannot authenticate with azure devops. We have tried everything possible to make this work without success. If you google “tf.exe TF30063 azure devops” you will find lots of hits but no resolution.

This seems to be a conscious decision by Microsoft, they are pushing users to switch to git.

Hi Vincent,

That was also what I found on Stackoverflow and other forums. It is a bit comforting that you have also spent a lot of time on this. I just thought that it was me who couldn’t figure out how to make tf.exe work with Azure DevOps.

Thx for the quick response.