SVN - No changesets found in repository


I just start using Continua CI and  run into this issue:

I have defined a global SVN repository. All settings are mostly default.

The state of the repository is 'ready', i.e the workcopy is present on th build server.

Then I have defined a simple build project using this repository with just one MSBuild stage. All other settings are mostly default.

Now when I start the build, it says "Unable to start build - No changesets found in repository: []".

In my opinion, a changeset in SVN corresponds to a particular revision, identified by a global revision number (and we have new revisions in the repository continuously).

What did I overlook ?



What settings do you have on your subversion repository? This can impact on whether Continua finds any revisions/changesets.

If you try resetting the repository from the admin/repositories page, if that doesn’t help, the look at this page to see how to enable debug logging : - the debug log should show what the SVN repo is doing in Continua and show what it finds.