SVN log and output the results to a text file

Hi there,

Now that we’ve been using finalbuilder for quite some time, works great BTW!, I would like to enhance the user experience a bit.

When the build starts processing I have it send an e-mail to our testers so they are aware that a new build is coming.

I’d like to include the SVN commit comments for that revision that we are building and I’ve tried creating a Subversion Generic command to do so but I keep getting errors when it runs.

I’m trying to export to a file and then just attach the file to the email BUT I’d rather put the comments straight into the email if possible.

I am currently trying a generic subversion command with the work folder set to Y: and the command line set to


but I’m getting a Error resolving case of '> Y:\Test.txt"

  1. how to I stop the error
  2. Can I output the results of the SVN LOG to a variable and put it in my email that I send as properly formatted text (newlines)


We would need to see the actual action settings, and the full log output to see what is going on.

FWIW, the working folder is just the folder in which the command is run so you don’t need to add the folder to the command line.

As for output of the command, switch to the Runtime tab on the action properties, click on the … button under Logging Properties, and select log to variable - that will wrte the action output to the selected variable.