Strange Continua behaviour


Installed Continua earlier this week. Using FinalBuilder, and Visual Studio 17.3.5.

When doing a .NET build for a back end service, the FinalBuilder script is running to completion without error. There are some compiler warnings, but they were there before the current problem and have never been an issue.

Continua is stopping the build and reporting an error. This suggests a programming bug involving a null value.

I can send you a full log file if required. The only thing out of the ordinary is this “Latest warnings” at the end after the FinalBuilder script has completed, which contains the Visual Studio warnings generated earlier in the process. I’ve never noticed this before.

Our builds are still working as all the work is done in the FinalBuilder script and it’s completing okay. It’s just that Continua is reporting an error when there isn’t one.

Hi Bruce,

There should be a more detailed error message on the Event Log page in the Administration section of Continua. Can you post the error details?

Morning Dave,

I’ve attached the log event that matches the screen shots from my previous post.

Looking through the event log I’m seeing multiple NullReferenceException events that all came starting after I installed the Continua update.

I can send you more log events if you wish.

event-40ac502c.txt (579 Bytes)

Here’s two different events:

event-b2bb5234.txt (1.3 KB)

event-322d9030.txt (1.9 KB)

Hi Bruce,

Can you also send the build log? We can see a possible place where the first exception could occur, although we are not able to find a scenario to which would lead to it.

We’ve reproduced the later exceptions which happen when requeuing a stage.

Hi Dave,

Here’s the matching build log:

“Log for build (DSWebAPI v1 - Test Release).txt”

attachment redacted by admin for privacy

Hi Bruce,

Can you install the following build and let us know whether it fixes the errors you are seeing?

Note that an agent upgrade is not required when upgrading the server to this version from v1.9.2.1008.

Hi Dave,

Will do. I have a remote meeting shortly but will try to do it by stealth. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Dave,

I’ve installed the update and run several builds.

All the builds have completed cleanly. There have been no new NullReferenceExceptions in the event log.

Looks like you’ve nailed it.

Thanks very much for the quick response.

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