Status of the running actions missing in version 8 available in version 7

I am porting a huge project from version 7 to 8. I have been delaying the task for some years as it is a huge project.
I am making good progress, however I ran into an issue. In version 7 when parallel execution is happening I can see the status of each running task on the run tab, and especially how long each task has been running. This is very important for me to identify tasks that take too long or have hanged and investigate them. In version 7 this information is available during the run. In version 8 this is missing. How to enable it?
Here is how it looks in version 8:

And this is in version 7:

As you can see a lot of very critical information is missing :frowning:

That feature was removed in v8 due to performance reasons.

If the actions are long running the impact is minimal, but most actions don’t run for very long and this was causing high cpu usage due to the frequent UI updates (most of which you could barely see, just a flicker).

I’m open to suggestions on how we could re-implement the feature in a way that does not cause performance issues.

Thank you!
Unfortunately I have a lot of slow actions, some running for over 1H.
Would it be possible to have option to enable? Also update once every few seconds or even once a minute is fine.
Some actions sometimes (Ahem… Visual Studio) hang forever, and without this I am unable to discover that the build has hanged… :frowning: