Stage stop on error

(Kai) #1


i have the problem that a build/stage is on “stop on error” how to disable this?
I run a FinalBuilder project from CI-Server via a CI-Agent. If the project has the errorlevel 1 or higher the complete stage stops and the copy and delete action after the FinalBuilder project will not be executet.

So how can i run actions after a action has the errorlevel 1 or higher?


(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Kai,

Check the stage gate. By default, this will have a condition $Stage.IsSuccessful$ Equals True. Remove this to continue to the next stage when one stage fails.

There is also a Treat failure as warning option on the FinalBuilder action. You can use this to prevent the stage stopping with a failure when the FinalBuilder action fails.

Alternatively you can use Try and Catch actions to handle failure and continue processing subsequent actions.

(Kai) #3

Hi Sparky,

I’m using catch finally now. Works fine! Sometimes I don’t have the right ideas for my problems. Thanks for helping me out. :smile: