SQL Server 2019 Compatibility


We are currently on Continua (quite old, I know) and are looking to upgrade the SQL Server hosting the Continua database to SQL 2019. Before we do I wanted to verify that our version is compatible with / supports SQL Server 2019. I’ve been unable to find SQL version compatibility on the website so figured I would ask here :slight_smile:

We are in the process of migrating our build processes to a different system, so not particularly interested in upgrading Continua if we can help it, since we plan to decommission the application by the end of Q2.


Hi Charlie,

Version was released in June 2019 so we can’t be sure that it supports SQL Server 2019, as that was released in November 2019. We can’t see any particular reason why it wouldn’t work, and we did test the latest version soon after the SQL Server 2019 release date.