SFTP unable to handle "control.ini"

(Matthew Jones) #1

I use a file called “control.ini” on a web server. I’ve changed the server to a synology NAS, and updated the script. FinalBuilder is now unable to do anything with a file called “control.ini” on the server. It reports “Connection to the SFTP server has been lost.” if I try to upload it. Renaming the destination file in the action has it work fine. Any combination of “controlnew.ini” or “controlini” works. So I figured I’d upload it and rename it. But SFTP delete doesn’t remove a file with that name. Any other name seems fine. And rename of the file to the “control.ini” fails too.

Now, it used to work on another server. But I can do anything on the file from another client. And I can’t see anything relevant on the web regarding the file name and SFTP or Synology.

Is there anything “significant” in FinalBuilder with that name? Any clues really very welcome!

(Vincent Parrett) #2

No, FinalBuilder doesn’t know anything about specific filenames. I will test this on Monday as we have a Synology nas in the office.

If the file was there before, my guess is permissions with the existing file?

(Matthew Jones) #3

There was no previous file, and I could create one, rename one, delete one from other client. And FB was working fine with other files - ironically the control.ini is the last, so I thought it must be local. But it can upload the same file with another name. Totally bizarre!

(Vincent Parrett) #4

What version of FinalBuilder are you using?

(Matthew Jones) #5

I was originally on an older version, then reported as per version and have no installed build 2516. Incidentally, the check for updates returns an error saying it didn’t understand <p>

Below is the log - it seems to me that there is something “tripping up” the SFTP component.

Oh wow, done some experimentation and it is failing with any 7.3 file name. A simple 1234567.123 fails too, but add an 8 and it works. Take the 6, it works.
No idea where to go from that, but any 7 letter name and 3 letter extension seems to fail guaranteed. I hope this helps!


Action Messages:
Connecting to ‘myserver.com’ on port 4422.
Setting Authtypes to keyboard and password
Received Server Key [77c092c20e05fbd66373d2b418c28e40].
Starting Authentication…
Attempting Authentication type: [4]
Authenticated OK.
Server public key cached: 77c092c20e05fbd66373d2b418c28e40
Connected to myserver.com
Server Software : OpenSSH_7.4
Server SFTP Protocol Version : 3
SFTP Upload File - Myfile.exe

Action Messages:
Acquiring connection object
Uploading c:\src\MyFolder\Distribution\Server\Myfile.exe
Uploaded [c:\src\MyFolder\Distribution\Server\Myfile.exe] to [MyFolder/updates/Myfile-50.exe]
Releasing connection object
SFTP Upload File - control.ini

Action Messages:
Acquiring connection object
Uploading C:\src\MyFolder\Controller\control.ini
Upload of ‘C:\src\MyFolder\Controller\control.ini’ to ‘MyFolder/updates/control.ini’ failed: SFTP component not connected
Releasing connection object

---- Retry with upload under other name, delete name and then rename to proper. Connect skipped for brevity.

Action Messages:
Acquiring connection object
Uploading C:\src\MyFolder\Controller\control.ini
Uploaded [C:\src\MyFolder\Controller\control.ini] to [MyFolder/updates/controlnew.ini]
Releasing connection object
SFTP Remove File - [LocalTest]

Action Messages:
Acquiring connection object
Removing MyFolder/updates/control.ini
File removed.
Releasing connection object
SFTP Rename File - [LocalTest]

Action Messages:
Acquiring connection object
Connection to the SFTP server has been lost.
Releasing connection object

(Vincent Parrett) #6

Hmmm… must be something in secureblackbox, as I checked our code and we don’t do anything with filenames other than pass them into the library code. I’ll look into this.

(Vincent Parrett) #7

I just tested this here with the latest FinalBuilder on our synology nas running DSM 6.2.1-23824 Update 4 (installing update 6 now) and it worked fine with any filenames of any length.

what version of DSM are you running?

I didn’t change any settings on the nas other than to turn on sftp.

(Vincent Parrett) #8

Tested with update 6 with the same result. Not sure where to go from here.

(Matthew Jones) #9

Well, I can’t explain it either - nothing in the Synology logs, was pretty up to date with only one more update to apply. Certainly not “out of date”.

Just in case it adds to a future resolution, I’m running in a VMWare Fusion VM, and I tried with the Windows Firewall turned off. Nothing I can see to get in the way of such. And particularly SFTP I’d expect to be hard to intercept at a firewall level anyway. The Synology logs the good transfers, but nothing on the failed ones.

Ah well, not critical to me right now, so I will leave it. Thanks for looking. If someone else has this, I hope we can work out the common factor and solve it. For now, let’s not dig further.