SFTP - unable to create instance


I have used Automise 3 and connect SFTP successfully at my window 7 PC. Once i use automise runner 3 at window server 2003/2012 to run the project, validation error return and just said "Unable to create an instance of : VSoft.SFTP.SFTPConnect.

Anyone can help to solve it?


Hi Jason,

My first thought is that there is an installation issue. I would download the installer again, disable virus checking for the installation of Automise and attempt to run the script again. The error your seeing is typically dud to some libraries missing for actions. It could also be that the libraries can not load as .Net 2.0 framework isn’t installed (I would doubt this on Windows Server 2012).

Lastly there is more error reporting in Automise 4 and 5, you could download these as trails and run the same project. They might give you more information for the issue your seeing.