SFTP Move files

(P. F.) #1

Hi !

I prepare a new automise project which must move some files on a sftp server. For exemple, i download a file :


and i want to move this file in :

but i don’t find a solution. There is not a action to do that. I try to use the action “SFTP Copye Remote File” but it doesn’t work. I have an error “Action not supported”.

Have you got a way to move a file on a SFTP Server ?



(Jason Smith) #2

Hi Fougere,

I believe you can use the rename action for this purpose. You can specify the full path of both the origin and destination and the server will move the file for you.

(P. F.) #3

You are right ! It’s working with the SFTP Rename time. It was well hidden !

For information, I configure my rename like that:

Old Remote Filename :

New Remote FileName :