Setting user defined variables from Ask Question action

In my build, I need to ask a question and execute some actions if the answer is Yes.

However, the Fail options don’t work for me as the build just halts rather than skip indented actions under it and when I try to set a user defined variable, it does not appear in the Variable drop down - only the standard variables are there.

Are both of these by design or is this an error? How can I put a conditional step in my build depending on an answer to a prompt?

many thanks


Use the option to put the result into a variable, and then use an “If Then” action after that to decide whether to run child actions of the “If then” action.

I’m trying to do that - but my variable is not appearing in the variable list - it looks like only environment variables are in the drop down…

My variable is called isReleaseBuild. I defined it using Project->EditVariables.

Not sure why your variable isn’t showing… did you make it a Macro?

This is my quick test of this feature

AskTest.fbp8 (1.8 KB)


You - I’d made it a Macro by mistake. I’m still new to this :frowning:

Taking off the Macro setting fixed it.