Setting up Publishers/Subscribers and post Build events to MS Teams?


(Lars Fosdal) #1

What is the appropriate way of setting up a general build notification for Teams? One that triggers for any commit, and not just mine?

If I log in with my user, which has admin rights, I can create a “Teams Webhook” publisher, and I can create a subscriber that triggers whenever a project succeeds or fail - but the trigger only happens for my commits, and not for all team members.

So I thought, let’s try to use a different user, one that is a Build Viewer, and set up the subscription there. The problem is - that account doesn’t see the “Teams Webhook” publisher, and it can’t create a new publisher.

Continua version:

(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Lars,

Where are you setting up the subscriptions? The Teams publisher is different to most as it only allows publishing to a single webhook URL. There is no ability to set a recipient username or channel so subscriptions can only be set up on the Administration -> Subscriptions page, not on the Subscriptions page under the users profile.

By default, subscriptions set on build events will send a notification every time that event occurs for the selected project(s) or configuration(s). This is independent to the user who authored the commit.

There is, however, an option on repository triggers labelled “Only notify users who caused the build”. If this option is ticked build notifications for builds started by this trigger will be restricted only to the user associated with the triggering commit. Can you check if this option is switched on?

(Lars Fosdal) #3

Hi Dave,
It was indeed the trigger option. Thank you!

Continua is amazingly flexible, but that also means a lot of options to tweak.