Setting the Action type dynamically for VS.Net Solution and C++ Builder 2006+ project


In these build steps I can use a variable to set the Configuration, making it easy to switch between Debug and Release builts.

However, the dropdown list for Built Type (C++ Builder) or Action (MSVC) don’t seem to let me use a variable.

Is there a way around this?

I’d like to be able to use a variable switch between full rebuilds (for releases) and ‘make’ style builds that only build things that have changed. Otherwise I may end up with many duplicate build steps with just this setting changed in each of them, which is unpalatable, to say the least…


Hi Andy

We have updated the action so that Build Type becomes Target when the compiler version > 2006 (ie for versions that use msbuild). The Target field does allow variables.


That works for C++ Builder. What about MSVC? I’m using Build VS.Net solution. Can I specify Target in the MSBuild tab or doe you need to alter that action?


Oh sorry I missed that you mentioned MSVC, I will do the same for the MSVC (might need a day or two).


No worries - thanks for your help with this


This build allows variables in the BuildAction field - when Use MSBuild is checked the field changes to Target and allows text entry and variables will be expanded at runtime.


Thank you - this is working well.