Search function does not find correct information

I have an email message that is sent using the Send Email action. The recipient on the Send Email is set to a variable - recipsEMEA. I am getting a bounce from one of the email addresses, so I am looking to see where that variable is set so that I can remove the offending email address. When I search for the email address, the Search/Replace function returns ONLY the Send Email action that has the variable (Note: The ONLY recipients of the email are defined in that variable - no specific email is defined as a recipient). If I search for the variable, only the Send Email action with that variable as the recipient is returned.

The variable is getting set somewhere, and yet the Search/Replace function cannot find any other instances of either the variable or the bouncing email address. That does not make sense to me.

Try opening the project file in notepad and searching. If you do find another reference to the variable let us know which action and property it was on so we can fix it. Search works 90% of the time but there are some corner cases where it doesn’t - we have to put specific fixes in for those cases - we spent a lot of time trying to do that but every now and then a corner case pops up that we haven’t found.

I did not know you could open a project file in Notepad. I just tried, and got a lot of binary garbage. What file are you referring to as the “Project file”?

Ok I should have clarified. The project file extension will have either be

.fbp5 - uncompressed text
.fbx5 - uncompressed xml
.fbz5 - compressed (zip) text

Sounds like yours is a .fbz5 file. If thats the case, open the project in Automise, save as and change the file extension to .fbp5 - then close it and open in notepad.

The compressed project format was introduced a long time ago when disk space was still expensive and people complained about large project files, but these days I just use uncompressed format (.fbp5) as it’s then possible to use differencing tools like beyond compare with the projects.

Our files are .atz5 files, so I saved this one as .atp5 and searched in the editor. I found that the issue was that the email address was part of the defined default value for the variable! So, this is not a bug…and I learned how to troubleshoot using the uncompressed files, so this is a win. Thank you for the help! I think, in general, we will keep using the .atz5 files (since all of our batch processes and such are tied to those), but I can always do this in the future to search better.

Search & Replace doesn’t currently search project variable. It’s on the todo list to look at, I’ll bump it up the (long) list.