Rnd No. from X to Y & Vars in Delay Action

Can you add a "Min." value on the Random Number action please - right now there's only a "Max.", but it would be nice to have a random no. pulled from a range of values...

Also can you allow variables to be used in the delay action - right now only fixed, static numbers work (goes hand in hand with the above to allow for a random delay betweek actions...)

Thanks, TJ


The following build allows you to set the minimum value for the random number: http://www.automise.com/downloads/automise/400/AT400_130.exe

As for the delay action, to use a variable to specify the delay time you can use script to set this (where DelayVar is the variable containing the number of seconds to delay for):

[code]Action.Delay = DelayVar * 1000 [/code]

The delay property is always in specified in milliseconds (hence the * 1000 to make it seconds).

Hope this helps.


Thanks Steve. TJ