Result from git command

Hi, I want to check on github if a specific tag exists
So in this case I can use Git generic:

git ls-remote --tags origin | grep 2019.12.302.1350

if the tag is found then console display like:

45a568cad6c44fe9eaaa8c1ec25f404506c6e37d refs/tags/2019.12.302.1350

So the result is either nothing or a string.
How can I check this in FinalBuilder ?

You will need to use the Execute Program action as the git generic action is missing the option to suppress some things from the log,

Also on the Runtime tab under logging properties click the … button


Lastley, we need to suppress the command parameters from the log, you can do that from the action properties view with the action selected.


Note that the format of the output might be different, in my tests, there was no space between the commit id and the tag.

Thanks for quick reply. I try that :slight_smile: