Request Trial License Extend and Some question abput FinalBuilder

Hi, I am currently evaluating FinalBuilder but the license is expired. I’ve emailed for requesting the extension for the license [link removed] There are some questions that I couldn’t figure out the features of FinalBuilder:

  1. How to work with the InstallShield? How to generate the package file format? Should I finish the packaging of the InstallShield externally?
  2. How did the SQL features work? Does it work perfectly with SSRS, SSIS, and SSAS?

Your email ended up in the spam folder, apologies for that, will respond today with a trial extension.

  1. There are installshield actions, you need to create your project in installshield and then configure the installshield action in FinalBuilder to call installshield and compile.
  2. SQL features are currently limited to running sql queries.