Repository fetch taking long time

Is there a way to analyze what takes so much time when a repository is being fetched in Continua ?
It’s a git repository and lately it started to take a long time… not sure if it happened after Continua update or if something changed in our environment.
Anyways, doing this fetch manually takes 2-3 minutes, but Continua does this from 5-15 minutes.
Repository does not checkout files to workspace.

Are them some tricks to speed up git repository fetch ?

Hi Michal,

Currently the only way to see what’s happening with repositories in the background is via the debug log. Enable server debug logging in the server configuration file, then restart the Continua CI Server service. Wait until a new changeset has been fetched and added to the database, before taking a copy of the debug log.

The debug log is quite verbose which makes it difficult to find the relevant information. If you send it to us either via direct message to me here or via email to support @, we’ll analyse it for you. Also send us full details for the repository settings.

Repository performance can be affected by size of repository, number of branches, tags and submodules, size of Continua CI database, as well as network latency. 5-15 minutes is well over what we have ever experienced with git repositories.

Hi Michal,

We made some changes in version which should speed up repository checking significantly for git repositories like yours with a large number of branches.