Renaming a folder of a git repository will screw Continua's Repo management


(Thomas Lohrum) #1


i use a git repository, for which i renamed a folder by executing:
git mv source tmp
git mv tmp Source

Obviously the intention is to change the capitalization of the folder name.

Continua will update its repository with no error. However, when starting a build the following error will be thrown:

Running C:\ContinuaCI\Server\hg\hg.exe with arguments “rename source\somefile.txt Source\somefile.txt --config ui.ignore=.hgignore --config ui.username=Continua --config “web.cacerts=C:\ContinuaCI\Server\hg\hgrc.d\cacert.pem” --noninteractive --encoding cp1252” on server failed with return code 1 and error output: "source\somefile.txt: not overwriting - file already committed (‘hg rename --force’ to replace the file by recording a rename) "

Resetting (Recreating) Continua’s repo did not fix the issue.

I worked around by rebasing and omitting the relevant commit. Thus the renaming is no longer part of the branch.


(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Thomas,

Thank you for reporting this (with all the relevant details). We have now reproduced the issue and implemented a fix which will be included the next version.