Queue options: revision to vairable


in Queue Options, is it possible (and how) to:

  1. set variable to revision selected in a repository (in " Repository Branch / Tag / Revision" section)?
  2. have revision selected as default instead of branch in " Repository Branch / Tag / Revision" section?

Selecting changeset from repository is necessary to have log connected to correct changeset, and as of now our FinalBuilder projects needs that changeset as a parameter. But filling it twice is obvious redundancy.

Hi @Jerzy,

You can use the expression $Source.RepoName.BuiltChangeset.RepositoryChangeId$ to get the revision or commit hash of the changeset used for the build. See Changeset Object for further changeset expressions.

This can be passed as a variable to your FinalBuilder project via the Variables field on the Variables tab of the FinalBuilder action.

e.g. revision=$Source.RepoName.BuiltChangeset.RepositoryChangeId$

You cannot currently set a default selection on this page, but we will consider adding an option or property for this in the future.

Note that you can open the Queue Options dialog, with a specific revision selected, by clicking on the arrow to the left of the changeset in the Changes tab of the configuration view.

Thank you, this wiki page is exactly what I faild to find :slight_smile:

As for the arrow tip: it is really useful one, thank you a LOT!

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