Query Timeout Expired when no timeout is specified

I have an ADO DataSet Iterator that is giving
Error: Query timeout expired
The iterator could not be initialised.
However, this is
a) a copy of another ADO Dataset Iterator action that is running fine under the same user and running the same functions in the query, and
b) an action that has no query timeout defined. I just have 3 retries that happen 5 seconds apart, but the query should not time out.

Any ideas? Running Automise

Hi Jonathon

Although it’s not exposed in the properties dialog, there is actually a timeout option for the action, which defaults to 30 seconds. It’s accessible from the action property inspector (F12).

The action was written before we implemented a standard UI and timeout feature for actions and needs updating - thats happening today and we’ll post a link here when it’s done.

The standard timeout UI works in minutes, however so the minimum is 1 minute - the change will automatically handle taking the existing value, ensuring it is 1 minute or greater. The standard timeout will also be enabled by default to maintain backwards compatibility - we do not recommend turning off the timeout as doing that could protentially block the action infinitately (it’s better to set the timeout to double the normal query run time).

This build has the mentioned changes to the the timeout feature


Only the first link is working for me, for some reason. Clicking on the other two does not download anything. When I try to do a “Save Link As…” in Chrome, I get a message that “ATCMD500_1327.exe can’t be downloaded securely”. Though if I then click “Keep”, it seems that it will download.

I see the same thing, not sure what is going on, will investigate. Note that if I click on the links in the notification the build server sent me, it launches chrome and downloads them fine. It might be because they haven’t been downloaded often… browsers trying to stop people downloading malware etc.

The problem was the links were http vs https - fixed now.