PropertyCollector "Path Access Plugin" with system-environment-variable broken


(Albrecht Hultsch) #1

from the last update to version the property-collector “Path Access Plugin” returns FALSE when he has as value a system-environment-variable.

Tested with a existing directory on c:\ and a variable which points to this directory. Direct check for this path works but over the variable it returns FALSE.

(Dave Sparks) #2

Hi Albrecht,

This is working for us and the code has not changed for a couple of years.

Can you check if there is a warning on the Event Log page about an invalid path? Is your property collector set up as a server or agent property collector? Have you defined the environment variable on the correct server/agent? Can you check that the environment variable has been picked up and is listed as a property, e.g. Env.VariableName, for the relevant agent or server?

(Albrecht Hultsch) #3

Hi Dave,
sorry for the posting. After some deeper investigation I found that it was caused by some missing user-credentials. Continua is working well…