Property Set Issue


For my project, I am building many dll’s and executable files and want to use a Property Set to set the version info.

I have created an ini file with the values I want in it but, when loaded, FinalBuilder is ignoring some of them.

For example, the Property Set ‘Properties to Include’ list has things such as FileVersion, ProductVersion and ProductVersion string, but whatever values I enter are ignored.

Instead, I have to put in my ini file values for MajorVersion, MinorVersion, ReleaseVerion and BuildVersion, even though these don’t appear in the Properties to Include list. Both ProductVersion and FileVersion are then set from them.

This isn’t what I want. I need ProductVersion to be different from FileVersion as we use one of them to store the GIT check in id that the build was based on.

I have tried, after loading the Property Set from the .ini file, using a PropertySet Assign Properties to just set the Product Veriosn, but it makes no difference

Prior to using FinalBuilder we had a script file generating .RC files for each program/dll - I guess I could do still it that way, but surely FinalBuilder ought to let me specify FileVersion and ProductVersion independently? Or am I doing it wrong?


Hi Andy

There is a property on the Win32 Version Info PropertySet called LinkProductVersion, you need to set this to false (it defaults to true).

That should allow you to use different values for the FileVersion and ProductVersion.

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Thank you - that worked :grinning: