Process JSON file


i have a JSON file that i’d like to process. I want to filter some elements of it and create a log entry which adds a comment. Thus the result will be available with the reported mail, that Continua will send for the build.

I was not able to use FinalBuilder for the job, as it does not have a log entry action for Continua.

Any ideas appreciated.


Hi Thomas,

Continua doesn’t currently have any actions for processing JSON files.

You can set a Continua CI variable from FinalBuilder using the Continua CI - Set Variable action or from PowerShell, or other script / executable, using Custom Log Messages.

The Custom Log Messages don’t support adding messages as build comments, right? I want to use that, so it will be part of the e-mail notification.

That is correct. If you set a variable, you can either use it in Log Entry action to set the build comment, or directly in a build notification template.

Yes, that’s what we are actually using now with success :slight_smile: