Poucentage Character

Hello Everybody,

I use automise from many years to manage all IT flow and i’m very satisfy. Thank for your job.

I post here because i have a problem with pourcentage character. Automise use it for variable so it’s complicated to use some SQL request (ADO execute SQL for example) like :
select * from XXX where YYY like ‘%MANAGE%’

Automise show me an error message :

Error expanding Content : [Expression Error]: Variable\Object " " does not exist!

Other case : I export some data with ADO Execute SQL and when i have a pourcentage character in data, i can’t use it with variable.

Do you have any idea to workaround the problem ?

Have a good day,


Hi Jack

You need to escape the % symbols


select * from XXX where YYY like ‘%%MANAGE%%’

See the help :

Thank for the wiki link. I didn’t see it.
Have a good day.