Posting an issue or contacting support? Please read this first

Before posting an issue on the forums or contacting us via it would be greatly appreciated if you could please note the following:
Update to the latest version:
We are continually striving to improve and innovate Continua. Please ensure that you're running the latest and greatest

Please Search the documentation and forums first:
Please search the wiki and the support forums before seeking support (it is possible other users have encountered the same question / issue, or we may have already resolved the issue your facing).

Please complete the below support template:
The below questions have been formulated from our experiences and will help expedite your support request

1. Continua version number and edition:
eg. v1.0.0.3205 64 bit

2. Operating system for Continua and agents:

eg. Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard (Continua Server), Windows 8.1 Pro 32 bit (Agents)   

3. Database platform:

eg. bundled PostgreSQL

4. How much CPU / RAM / Diskspace do you have free on the Continua server, agents, and database:  
eg. 20% free cpu, 40% free RAM (10gig), 50% free hard disk (50 gig)  

5. A detailed description of the issue: 
- What is the issue, and what are the outcomes? 
- When did the issue first occur? 
- Does it occur all the time?
- Can the issue be reproduced?  If so what steps did you take to reproduce it? Screenshots, in addition to debug logging would be best. Please see the troubleshooting wiki page for further details.
- If you are using version 1.5 or greater please include a diagnostics report. This can be generated by going to: Administration -> Event Log and selecting the diagnostics report link at the top of the page. 
- Errors or Warnings generated by Continua (both server and agent) as well as any Windows event logs.
- Browser type and version: eg. Chrome 36.0.1985.143 m
Version and installation details of any external software dependencies (eg git / svn server configuration details)
- Relevant configuration file settings: eg Authentication settings

A few notes about posting issues on the forums: 
- Please do not post any data that you perceive as being sensitive.  If this information is required please get in touch with us on to seek further arrangements. 
- We are based in Canberra Australia (GMT+10). Whilst we do our best to reply as quickly as possible (typically within 24 hours), sometimes timezone differences can cause a minor (time elapsed) delay.
- Play nicely with others