Possible to get a temp license for testing a new machine?

We are moving Automise from a very old machine (called CT1) to a much newer machine (CT2). CT1 is currently running all of our production processes. I would like to test some of the processes on CT2 using the latest version of Automise (that I downloaded from here), but I installed the same license key on both machines and now it will not allow the CT2 instance to run because it sees the CT1 instance using the same key.

CT1 will be going away, to be replaced by CT2, so we do not want to purchase another license just for testing. Is there a solution? Can we get a trial license to use on CT2 while we are testing?



Hi Jonathon

I have added a 30 day trial key to your account on our store.

Thank you for the quick response! So I can install that “over” the existing license on CT2, and then when CT1 goes away I can re-install the regular license key on CT2? That would be perfect.

Yes, you can update the license from the Hep menu, Install License Key, or from the license wizard if the trial key expires before you do that.

One issue. I cannot start Automise on CT2 because it detects the CT1 license. So…how do I install the new license on CT2 when I cannot start Automise? Is there a file I can edit to point to the new license, or even a way to remove the license when starting Automise (a flag or some such on the command line)?

EDIT: Or should I uninstall Automise completely on CT2 and then re-install with the new license?

Just copy the license key to C:\ProgramData\VSoft\Automise5 and delete the other .license file that is there.

Bingo. Much appreciated.

May I request another month? There is one piece that has been held up that is keeping us from shutting off the old instance.

I have updated the license, you will need to download an install the license again.

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Again, much appreciated. Thank you!