Possible bug with CSV Iterator - blank fields getting value from previous line of data

Greetings!  I have a CSV file that I am processing with the CSV iterator.  When there is data in a field on a line, but no data in the field on the next line, the next line’s variable definition is getting the data from the first line.  An example (not the exact logic, but this should illustrate the problem):

The CSV iterator runs against a file that has the following two lines of data, assigning values to the variables %name%,%age%,%subtype%,%type%:

After the first line is processed, %name% is Bob, %age% is 4, %subtype% is Toddler, %type% is Child
After the second line is processed, %name% is Ken, %age% is 25, %subtype% is Toddler, %type% is Adult

Because the second line has no data for the third field, it is somehow keeping the data from the previous line.  As a result, further downstream when I insert data into our database, the incorrect data is getting in.  Is there something I am missing?  Do you need more information?

Using Automise



I did a test where I removed quote marks from empty fields, e.g. changing the second line in my first post to:


This did not change the behavior, though. The bug still occurred.

Please cancel this - the issue was something completely different. I have fixed it, and it has nothing to do with the CSV Iterator. My apologies.