Persistent FinalBuilder 8 variables under Continua CI

Hi Guys,

Persistent FinalBuilder variables play a huge part in our day to day work as they allow us great manual control over our builds and timings.
For example, a build started by a user who selected only 2 steps from the possible flow: “build + transfer”
This user can come back later on, run the build again - this time with “deploy + restart” steps, check a “use previous version” checkbox - and be certain that the flow will pick up his previously compiled packages and deploy them.

Is there a best practice on how to set this up to work when running FB8 under CCI?
as the *.fbp8 project files are kept/accessed by CCI via our git repository, and the *.fbpinf files aren’t actually saved anywhere. only locally generated on the agent when running and get cleaned up by a cleanup policy when done. (but even if it weren’t cleaned up - the next build will run under a brand new workspace of its own, right?)

Is this (working with persistent FB8 variables under CCI) possible at all?
if not - are there any other best practices for known workarounds for this?

Hi @ktopaz,

Yes, every build runs in a new clean workspace, so variables will need to be persisted elsewhere.

Take a look at the Persist Build Variables build event handler. This can be used to store the value of a build variable in a configuration variable so that it is used as the default for subsequent builds.

Alternatively, you can use Copy actions to copy the *.fbpinf file from the workspace to a folder at the end of build and Copy it back to the workspace at the start of subsequent builds.

Either way, you should make use of Shared Resource Locks, as it is possible that you will have concurrency issues if more than one build runs at the same time.

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