NuGet Push action throws an error about "Property SymmbolSource"


After upgrading to the latest version of FinalBuilder a short time ago, we have now found that we can no longer publish NuGet packages to our internal feed.

When the NuGet push step executes, the following messages and error are logged:

2019-12-10T10:35:55.2324175Z [NuGet Push]
2019-12-10T10:35:55.2324175Z Error Executing script : GetCommandLine
2019-12-10T10:35:55.2324175Z FB80ActionCtx.PropertyStoreImpl
2019-12-10T10:35:55.2393767Z Property SymmbolSource does not exist!
2019-12-10T10:35:55.2393767Z Line: 17
2019-12-10T10:35:55.2393767Z Char : 1

We have never used a symbol source, and haven’t changed our NuGet package FinalBuilder project since the beginning of this year. It appears that the introduction of new properties in version of FinalBuilder may have introduced this issue, as we were on an older version than that until quite recently.



Apologies for that, somehow a typo slipped in there during refactoring, not sure how I missed that during testing. Running a build now with the fix, will post a link here when it’s uploaded.

This build has the fix

Thanks for the quick fix Vincent, the new version is working for us now.