Nuget install does not work with the newest PackageReference

I’ve been successfully installing my nuget package from VS2019 and being able to build using both the old nuget system (i.e. package.config file) and the new one PackageReference, but every time I run FB8 to install that same package and do the build I get the same build error I used to get when I didn’t have the package installed.
The nuget install action succeeds every time and it doesn’t need to update the package since it’s already installed by VS…

This doesn’t look like a FinalBuilder problem to me, If you run nuget.exe from the command line do you get the same result? BTW, when you specify the packages.config file, it only uses that and will not restore PackageRefernces in the csproj files. Obviously when you install/restore in VS, it’s probably doing different things.

BTW, you should probably be using nuget restore rather than install.