Multi-Question: Initialize Variables


When I use Multi-Action, it ignores the values of the variables as they are before the dialog comes up. Is there a way to preset some values to true (currently all variables are displayed unchecked) ?

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Uncheck the “Remember last used settings” option (not sure why that is on by default. Then you can check the checkbox next to each question/variable to default them to true.

Hi Vincent,

Thank you for your quick response.

Actually what I am looking for is to set these variable values in preceding actions, depending if some drive or computer is available or if a certain program is running or not. Then i’d like the Multi-Question options to be checked or not depending on thew previous evaluation of these variables. But it seems that Multi-Question totally ignores the incoming value of the variables it displays.

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Hi Olivier

I had a quick look at the source and it doesn’t look at the existing values of the variables at all. In fact, the way the action is implemented is actually pretty poor in that the remember last used settings option actuallty just sets the project modified flag, and doesn’t store the values in the project info like it should. I have added an option to use the variable values (didn’t change the remember functionality for now, but will make a note for the future to revisit that) -

Fantastic !
Works perfectly.
Thank you very much.