Moving from local bitbucket to cloud bitbucker

We currently have our source in a local bitbucket server but are shortly going to be migrating our source to atlassian’s cloud based bitbucket.

To handle authentication we have the git credentials held in the windows Credential Manager however when we migrate I don’t know if this will be possible - if we manually connect to our test cloud repository we go to the atlassian site and choose the option to login via microsoft.

What do I need to change for our Finalbuilder setup to continue to be able to access our source once its in the cloud? Do I need to to use the Git Credential Helper in Finalbuilder or something else? I’ve tried to look at the help via Finalbuilder but it doesn’t seem to mention the credential helper.



Hi Paul

With bitbucket cloud you will need to create an app password

otherwise, authentication is the same as it was before. You can still use the Windows credential manager, or you can put the app password in the FinalBuilder actions and use the Git Credential helper.

The credential helper is relatively new, it does the same thing as the windows credential manager, except that FB passes the credentials to it (securely) from the action when git is invoked.

Hi Vincent, thanks for this, it was exactly the missing piece of information I needed, my finalbuilder project can now talk to bitbucket in the cloud. Now I just need to work out if cloud jira has the same concept.