Moving Continua server to new machine while keeping existing SQL Server database

Hi. We have Continua installed on server A working with an SQL Server database on server B.

We want to move Continua to server C and remove it from server A, while continuing to use the database on server B.

What is the correct way to do this to preserve the database contents?

Should I turn off Continua on server A and install it on server C, pointing it to the existing database on server B during installation?

Will this preserve the contents of the database or not?

Are there any other issues I need to be aware of?


Hi Bruce,

Yes, this is the correct process and will preserve the database, although there are some extra considerations.

In addition to the database, you will need to ensure that the encryption keys are carried over from the server configuration file, otherwise any passwords will no longer work.

Also, note that the build log database files and artifacts are stored in the server workspace folder. If you want be able to view the log and/or download artifacts for existing builds, you should copy the workspace folder to the new server. We would recommend copying the whole server share folder including the repository cache folder as it can take time to recreate the repository caches.

Here are the recommended 12 steps of server migration:

  1. Ensure no builds are running and shutdown all Continua CI Agent services.

  2. Shutdown the Continua CI Server service on server A.

  3. Backup the Continua CI database.

  4. If you are not already running the latest version:
    a. Upgrade the Continua CI Server on server A to the latest version.
    b. Open the Continua CI website in a browser and check that everything is working OK with the latest version.
    c. Ensure no builds are running and shutdown all Continua CI Agent services.
    d. Shutdown the Continua CI Server service on server A.
    e. Backup the Continua CI database again (to pick up any database updates in the new version).

  5. Copy the server share folder from server A to server B. Set it up as a share with the correct permissions (server service user needs full access, agent service users need read/write access).

  6. Install the latest version of Continua CI server (and agent if required) on server C.
    a. Ensure that you select the share that you set up in step 4.
    b. Enter the connection string for the existing Continua CI database (the database will be preserved - not recreated).

  7. After installation, shutdown the Continua CI Server service on server C (it was automatically started during installation).

  8. Copy the following settings from %ProgramFiles%\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\Continua.Server.Service.exe.config on server A to the same file on server B.

		<add key="Continua.HashSalt" value="**************"/>
		<add key="Continua.SymmetricEncryptionKey" value="**************"/>
		<add key="Continua.SymmetricEncryptionVector" value="**************"/>

         and any other settings that you may have changed on server A in the past.

  1. Edit the configuration files for any remote agents at %ProgramFiles%\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI Agent\Continua.Agent.Service.exe.config. Change the serverHostName and serverPort attributes under <endpoints> to point to the new server. Restart the agent services.

  2. Start up the Continua CI Server service on server C.

  3. Open the Continua CI website in a browser and check that everything is working OK.

  4. If all is OK, uninstall the Continua CI Server on server A.

Please let us know how this works out.

Thanks Dave for the comprehensive instructions.

It’s Friday afternoon here. I will try this Monday morning.

Hi Dave,

I followed your instructions, but I ran into a problem.

When installing Continua Server on the new machine the installer step where the authentication method is selected only gave me the choice of Forms. LDAP and Mixed were greyed out. The old server was configured to use Mixed, and almost everyone logged in using their Windows credentials.

I tried changing the authentication section in the config file to match the old server. This gave me an option on the log in screen to log in using my Windows account, but when I click on the button nothing happens. (The log in screen refreshes, I’m not logged in, and there’s no error message.)

For now I’ve had to roll back to Continua Server on the old machine.

Any ideas?

Hi Bruce,

Can you check that the Windows Authentication feature is installed in the Windows Server Manager?

If this feature is not installed then the LDAP and Mixed modes are not available.

Hi Dave,

That was the missing component. It’s all working now on our new server.

Thanks very much for your timely assistance.