Mousewheel does not scroll list under cursor in search dialog

I open the search dialog, make a search and get a few pages of results. I move the mouse over the list of results in the dialog, and use the scroll wheel. Instead of the result list scrolling, the search edit/combo scrolls through the history list of search terms.

This is a delphi issue, it doesn’t direct the mousewheel to the control under the cursor. I have found a few possible solutions but need to do more research.

It works as expected when the search dialog is open, and you move the mouse over the main script editor and scroll that up and down with the wheel :slight_smile: Crossing my fingers…

That would be because the main script editor was still the focused control on the main form.

I spent most of today looking at this, which turned out to be a major rabbit hole! Delphi XE7 vcl handling of the mousewheel is kind of a mess. I tried a bunch of different ideas, but they either didn’t work or only partially worked or caused other issues. So we won’t have this solved for the next update (was going to be today but likely tomorrow now).

For FB9 development, we are using Delphi 10.4.x so I am going to continue my investigation of this in that branch (in the hope that it’s better than XE7).

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