Modify assembly version on selected projects

I use Final builder V8.0.0.2496 to compile several VS2017 solutions.
In the compilation action description, on the “.NET Version” tab, I used to update assemby info for all projects in solution. It worked well.
Now I would like to change assembly info for only few projects of the solution. So I checked the “Selected projects” checkbox and I selected one project of the solution.
It appairs that after buiding, none assembly version was updated.
After lot tests, I realized that the “Selected projects” option doesn’t work.
I there a way to update assembly version for only selected projects?

We would need to see the FB project and (ideally) the solution file and csproj files to figure out what is going on here.

Also what does the log say for that action?

Did you try updating to the latest release?

Thank you for your reply.
I’m not very comfortable with sharing the solution and projects files unless you can make it private.
However, here is the FB project.
I configured the compilation action for VS HMI Manager solution in order to change the assembly version only for HMI Manager project (which is the executable).
The result is that none AssemblyInfoFile is changed whereas when I chose the “All projects” option, It changes the version for all projects as expected.

I did not try to update FB. Do you think it could help for this issue?

HMI V5.fbp8 (93.7 KB)

You can send us the files as attachments to private messages (click on my username and then Message) or to support @

I sent to support@finalbuilder all files required.
Thank you for your help.