Map Drive to SharePoint doc library?

Currently we are using Automise to map a drive to a network share. IT would like us to map to a Sharepoint doc library instead. Can we use the Map Network Drive action to do this? If so, what would be the syntax for doing that?

We don’t have access to sharepoint to test this, however from what I can tell the map drive action should be able to do this. There are some things you need to do on the client machine to make this possible, this post covers it

Ignore the part about using powershell to do the mapping

In the Map Network Drive action, set the Share Path to something like this


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I realize this is a while later…but we are unable to change the Trusted Sites values on our machines, so I am unable to implement that solution.

Have any other Automise solutions for connecting to Sharepoint presented themselves since last October?

Hi Jonathan

I haven’t found another easy way to do this.

The common suggestion I see is to use Sync - but that requires a browser session logged in - which is not really an option here.

Another option we are exploring is microsoft graph api… but this is a massive api, so there is no way we can expose all of it in Automise, so we’ll need look at use cases.

Can you tell us more about your use case with sharepoint?

Thank you for getting back to me. Our company is moving a lot of the networked files to Sharepoint sites, and wants to create data in Sharepoint rather than putting CSV files on the network as it did previously. One process I have been asked to create would place the file resulting from an Automise project into a Sharepoint location instead of in a mapped network location. While right now the need is to place files into Sharepoint locations, I can see a need down the line to be able to get files from Sharepoint as well.

Just checking in - we have another project where we need to access Sharepoint. Any progress on this feature at all?

Hi Jonathan

We have not had a chance to look at this yet and probably won’t any time soon - we have a long backlog and limited resources, so we have to pick our battles.

Are you using Sharepoint server or Sharepoint Online? If its the latter, you may be able to do this with the mgc command line

So…I figured out how to modify the Trusted Sites, and I am trying the solution you posted about setting the Share Path to something with this format: \\\sites\ITOps

I have tried this, and I keep getting an error of “The network path was not found”. You had said to ignore the part of the web instructions about using powershell to do the mapping, but is there something else I would need to do besides setting the Trusted Sites to get this to work?

Are you using Sharepoint Online or on premises?

We are not sharepoint users and do not currently have access to it to test this, so my suggestion was just result of googling.

further googling suggests it might be unreliable.

Another option is this (saw it mentioned on the ms doco site)

You can call this tool using the Execute Program action.