Manual Poll URL to use HTTPS-protocol


i noticed, that Continua is generating HTTP Links for the Manual Poll URL, even when Continua itself is hosted using HTTPS. To be able to turn off HTTP, Continua should generate HTTPS link.

Maybe Continua should migrate HTTP links automatically. WebHooks used by Azure DevOps (as an example) should be able to use both HTTP and HTTPS links without modification, as long as HTTP is allowed for the Continua server.


Hi Thomas,

The Manual Poll URL is generated relative to the Server.HostUrl server property. Edit this property and change the “http” to “https”.

Redirection from HTTP to HTTPS in IIS can be setup using the URL Rewrite Module. See this answer on StackExchange.

Thanks Dave. That did the job. I’ve tested and setup the configuration including changes to webhooks. :slight_smile:

PS: Thanks for sharing the IIS links