Log size can be an issue


today i had an error: A new event has been added to the event log:
Unexpected Fault Exception
Exception: FaultException`1
Message: Eine Ausnahme vom Typ “System.OutOfMemoryException” wurde ausgelöst.

This happened when i tried to download the build log as an entity. As it turned out the log had a size of 1.4 GB. It can be an improvement to check and deny the download of large files. Hint: The size of the correlated sqlite log file is almost three times that size.

More important i would like to see the size of logs (full summary .log and sqlite). This can be a column in the log history or a page on its own as part of the administration. It should be easy to spot large logs. Another solution can be to notify admins about large build logs created.

One more thing: To analyze issues i need the correlation of the internal buildnumber associated with a build. I can spot this by hovering over the download link for the build. For example 34991 as shown here:


Maybe this item can be made more obvious. I had needed it in the past on several occasions.

Hi Thomas,

We’re looking into this and will make some improvements for the next version.

How are you using this internal build number? Is it to find the build workspace folder?

Note that it is also shown in the URL for the build page.


As it’s an internal number, we don’t consider that it needs to be any more obvious.

Yes, it is relevant when looking up for the workspace folder. For example to check the files created or when a build fails. As it is an implementation detail it must not be made more obvious.