Log not working

I use version For some reason log is not displayed in the panel.
Not during build or after. But I can export it to xml from loghistory.
Any idea of the reason ?

Do you have the live logging checkbox unchecked?

I made video of the problem

That is rather odd.

There are 2 things we can try (in this order)

  1. on the build history view, select the log file and click on Pack Log File, close the project and re-open it.

  2. Close Finalbuilder and the rename the project’s log file (projectname.fbl8) and then open FinalBuilder and run a build - a new log file will be created.

If that doesn’t help then we will need to see your project file - perhaps there is something in there that is causing the log (an embedded db) to fail.

To create a new log didn’t work. But I did a complete reinstall of Finalbuilder so it works fine now.

I have no explaination for this… very strange. Glad you got it working.