Liquid error: object type "System.Int64 can not convert to "System.Int32"


we have updated to version today. Running a build we get the following error which occurs, when creating e-mail notifications.

Liquid error: Das Objekt mit dem Typ “System.Int64” kann nicht in den Typ “System.Int32” konvertiert werden.

The error is caused by the usage of “truncate”.

The relevant part of the template:

				{% assign sortedChangeSets = (Changesets | sort: "Created") -%}
				{% for change in sortedChangeSets reversed -%}
        				{{change.RepositoryChangeId | truncate: 10}}

The workaround is to remove the string part “| truncate 10”.


Hi Thomas,

Thank you for reporting this. Version contains an updated version of DotLiquid which has introduced this bug. See

We’ll upload a new official version of Continua CI in the next couple of days. Meanwhile you can install a hotfix, with the DotLiquid package reverted to the earlier version, using the following links:

Thanks a lot Dave. I’ve just installed the hotfix and reconfigured the template. :slight_smile: