Latest action warnings are not shown in build log when action succeeds

Hi Guys,

ContinuaCI (Server + Agent)

CCI using a “FinalBuilder” Action is running our FB8 Project file inside a “try” clause.
The action status is set to “Warning” without any additional information.
Of course, “Catch” doesn’t catch warnings and the stage/build evaluate as successful but It is still very intriguing to know exactly what is the reason the action Status is marked as “Warning”

This is the stage setup (only 1 stage in the build, as all actions are performed from within FB8)

Status: Warning, but why?

Expanding the FinalBuilder Log does not show any explanation for this either.

And under “Reports” I see the entire FB8 Flow in html (Very long html report as our projects are some what complex)
But everything inside the report is evaluated to “Completed” (usually when the FB8 html log has any errors they automatically expand, a feature you have recently added for us)

So why is it that Continua CI “thinks” that the FB8 action status should be indicated as “Warning”?

Hi @ktopaz,

Can you send the plain text build log file to us either by email to support @ or click on my avatar and send it to me via direct message? We can then scan the file to see what the warning is and figure out why it is not picked up.

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Thanks, I’ve sent it to you as requested.

We currently only log the list of the latest warnings, along with the list of latest errors, after the action output, when the action fails. We also need to log the warnings when the action succeeds. We’ll do that for the next version.

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