Issue with Target parameters

(Sam Phen) #1

TargetParamIssue.fbp8 (7.3 KB)

This is probably something stupid since I’ve not had issues with target parameters in other projects. However, in the attached project, I’m getting a runtime error that the variable/object cannot be resolved even though I picked it from a list, it auto renames when I do a rename, etc. I even tried a T_ prefix as the help shows a T_BuildNum, etc in the screenshot but %BUILDNUM% in the text. (Didn’t think it would work, but work a shot.)

Still on in case this is something that has been fixed.
Just noticed that the build server where things are working is on Maybe this was something that was fixed. I’ll try it on that version.

(Vincent Parrett) #2

I just updated the help page to make the text match the screenshot :blush:

I downloaded and ran your project, it’s passing the target parameters correctly. I couldn’t see anything in the version history that suggests we fixed anything around that area, however I have a vague recollection that we did. Try with the latest version (I would recommend updating the build server as well, since both versions are around a year old).

(Sam Phen) #3

Yes, I works with 2370 so I’m good for now. Company is will probably update at start of year. They don’t like changing products in the middle of a release cycle, but next release contains moving from D7 to Tokyo, so a dot increase of FB8 should be a no-brainer at that time.