Is there a way to capture errors that occur during build and save them to a variable / list?

Hi Guys,

We have large and complex FinalBuilder 8 projects that runs 100% of our deployment logic.
When running under a build runner such as Continua CI - We would like to get to the “root cause” of build failures as quickly as possible.
You guys have recently added a feature for us that auto-expands the errors in the html log/report so we could locate them more easily when viewing the FB8 Build log on CCI web interface (reference).
Thank you very much for that! it helps alot!
The downside of this is still having to load what sometimes is a HUGE html log (our FB8 projects are very complex as mentioned) and the page loads very slowly at times due to this.

I was wondering -
Is there an easy way to capture FB8 build errors (first one, last one, all of them? in a list?) and save them into a variable?
If that is possible - we could use that variable by sending it back to CCI and displaying the errors there in the Build Details page as a comment or in the new build variable tab (which I am about to check out today, thanks!)

In FinalBuilder, you can capture errors in the Catch action (set an fb variable), and then use the Continua CI - set variable action (in FinalBuilder) to set a variable in Continua. Note that this will only capture the errors from the action that failed (and caused the catch block to run). If the action has ignore errors set then that won’t go into the catch block and won’t set the variable.

In the next FB update there will be a new option on the Catch action to Append to the errors variable rather than just set it, so if you have multiple try/catch blocks you can collect all the errors rather than just the last one.