Is it somehow possible to force HTML format notifications for all users?

If this isn’t possible straight forward - can this be added as an option? “Default email format: (plain/html)”

Also - if currently not possible - could you let me know what is the update clause I could possibly use with psql to change this option to HTML for all of my existing users?

Hi @ktopaz,

There is currently no way to set a default for this option. We will however add this to our to-do list.

You can use the following SQL to set the option to use HTML format for all existing users.

UPDATE core_usernotificationpreferences 
SET pluginvalue = REPLACE(pluginvalue, '<UseHtmlFormat>false</UseHtmlFormat>', '<UseHtmlFormat>true</UseHtmlFormat>') 
WHERE pluginname = 'Email'  

Shutdown the Continua CI Server service before making any updates to the database. Changes will be picked up when the server is restarted. Also ensure that you have an up-to-date database backup in case anything goes wrong.

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