Invalid stage name cannot be renamed

I have a project with a stage name ‘TE > PR’. This was no problem in the past but recently I upgraded to the latest version of Continua.
When I save my project I get a warning / exception:

An error occurred while trying to save the configuration data. Error: One field failed validation. ConfigurationVersion.Configuration.Latest.Stages.Name: Stage Name must start with a letter, number or underscore and can only contain alphanumeric characters with spaces and the following special characters: {}-_():. The value of ‘Name’ property is ‘TE > PR’.

So now I have a project with an invalid stage name that I cannot rename. I also can’t make any other changes to the project.

How can I change the name to a valid one so that I can save the project?

Hi @bjansen,

Thank you for reporting this. The previous configuration version is incorrectly being validated when a new configuration version is saved.

This has now been fixed for the next version of Continua CI, which we hope to release in the next couple of days.

Meanwhile, you can update the stage name in the database.

If you are using the bundled PostgreSQL database then use pgAdmin4 to connect to the PostgreSQL server.

The connection details are in the server configuration file ( C:\Program Files\VSoft Technologies\ContinuaCI\Server\Continua.Server.Service.exe.config). Look in the hibernate-configuration section under <property name="connection.connection_string">.

Open the Query Tool from the Tools menu and run the following SQL command:

UPDATE builds_stagedefinition SET name = 'TE to PR' WHERE name = 'TE > PR';

Ensure that you shutdown the Continua CI Server service before making changes to the database. The changes will be picked up when the service is restarted.

Thanks for your quick answer and fix!

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