Installer certificate

I tried to install the new update and the Windows Smart Screen was triggered. I saw that your certificate has expired and the CA was changed from COMODO to Sectigo.
Is all right there - did the your certificate and the certificate autority changed? And why the smart screen triggered? Is the new CA not being accepted by windows?

We’re having some issues with letsencrypt certificates, looking into it.

The website certificate should be ok now… I just forced the renewal and it seems to have worked ok.

BTW, Comodo renamed themselves to Sectigo - we did renew our code signing certificate a few weeks ago and I just checked that the installers are signed with the new certificate.

As for smart screen, that is because we are not using EV code signing certificates, as they are not really compatible with automated builds or continuous integration - they prompt for passwords during the signing process, and the physical usb key needs to be plugged into the server (our servers are in a secure data centre in Sydney, 3hrs drive from here).

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