Image Info Action or Image Manipulation using Long/Short Edge

Often I need to resize images making the long edge of an image a certain length - currently this isn't possible with AT, so I have to resort to ImageMagick.

Can you add either an action that will return image info (such as height, width, dpi, format, EXIF etc.) or add an option into the Image Manipulation action to allow resizing by the long or short edge to a certain size (maintaining aspect ratio)?

Thanks, TJ

After thinking about it I realized by setting the height & width to the size I wanted the longest size to be and checking the keep ratio option it accomplished the "resize to x on the longest side" action I was looking for... TJ

lol - thinking it is one thing, but reality is another... It seems if you put in an equal height and width and keep the aspect ratio, Automise automatically chooses the width as the size and sets the height to -1, therefore it still doesn't work